Materials for Grammar The infinitive and the -ing form (Intermediate)

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Choose one of the learning materials below.

Material Unit/Pages
English Grammar in Use
(Grammar shelf) I
Units 52-67
An A-Z of English Grammar & Usage
(Grammar shelf) I
pp 205-214
English Grammar Lessons
(Grammar shelf) UI
Units 25, 28

When you have finished using one piece of material, either choose another or move on to one of the practice activities below.


Practice activities

Material Unit/Pages
A Basic English Grammar with Exercises
(Grammar shelf) EI
Unit 16
Advanced English Practice
(Grammar shelf) I
pp. 145-172
Grammar Rom -CD 2
(Multimedia shelf)
Computers - Main Menu - Grammar
Gerund & Infinitive



  • answers are at the back of the books or in the Teacher Book
  • try using the self-correction sheet (in the Activity Sheets drawers)
  • a tutor can help you correct your work or find more material


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