Recommendations Correction

This page is to help you to avoid some common errors made in report recommendations. These include:

  • singular / plural mistakes, especially in:
    • headings; e.g. Finding (there is almost always more than one finding, so use Findings).
    • expressions usually ending in plurals; e.g. a number of + plural;
  • bad grammar in comparative phrases;
    e.g. Wrong: It is more smaller than the other one. Correct: It is smaller than the other one.
  • bad grammar in suggestions and recommendations;
    e.g. Wrong: I suggest to do this. Correct: I suggest doing this. OR I suggest that we do this.
  • wrong parts of speech; e.g. adjectives, adverbs, nouns and verbs
  • misuse of auxiliary verbs; e.g. is, are, was, were, do, does, did, has, have
  • misuse of staff

There are examples of all these mistakes in the following text.

Correct the mistakes in the following section of a report .


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Correct answer:

6. Recommendations
There are a number of options we could consider, as follows:

6.1 Exchange
We should return the microwave to the shop and ask them if we can buy a bigger one, and only pay the extra. I suggest trying this first.

6.2 Purchase of a New Microwave
If the shop will not take back the old microwave I recommend buying a new one, and keeping the old one in another part of the office for the staff who do not like the present location. Alternatively, we could sell the old microwave second hand.

6.3 Queuing System
We could let the staff arrange a system for different staff to use the microwave at different times.


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