Writing Roundtable Organising Committee

  • » Chair: Shari Lughmani
  • » Programme: Shari Lughmani, Christine Burns, Issa Ying, Janice Chan
  • » Event Management: Hannah Lai, Daisy Zou, Kay Chan (MC), Mitchell Mak (MC)
  • » Web, Facebook and Twitter: Issa Ying and Frankie Har
  • » Inscribe Liaison: Christine Burns, Dennis Foung and Frankie Har

  • » Advisor and Centre Director: Dr Bruce Morrison

Supporting Teams

  • » Administrative Team: Eunice Hau, Polly Chan, Kit Cheung and Emily Chan
  • » Technical Team: Dr Voyce Li, Raymond Cheung, Peggy Lui and Angelo Chu
  • » Audio Visual Team: Zonda Chan, S.K. Lee and Keenan Manning
  • » Logo Designer: Daniel Li (Student from the Institute of Textiles & Clothing)

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