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CILL has a monthly theme, and for April 2001 the theme is 'Health'.

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CILL Wall Posters

Poster One

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Poster Two

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Poster Three

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Answers for Poster One:
1. Jo broke her leg on a ski trip.
2. Sam pulled a muscle while lifting some furniture.
3. Jenny runs every day to keep fit.
4. A bone got stuck in Lily's throat and she started choking.
5. The doctor gave John an injection to relieve the pain.
6. The child didn't cry when the nurse was dressing his wound.


Answers for Poster Two

Chiropodist - a foot doctor

Pharmacist - gives out medicine

Specialist - a doctor who is an expert in one area of medicine, for example the 'Ear, nose and throat'.

Physician - American word for doctor

Herbalist - a doctor who makes medicine from herbs

Optician - the person who tests your eyes

Surgeon - the doctor who operates on you; e.g. to remove or repair a part of your body

Midwife - helps mothers to give birth

Dentist - repairs and maintains your teeth


Answers for Poster Three

See eye to eye - to understand and agree

Pick someone’s brain - to get someone's detailed advice on a difficult subject

Bite one’s lip - to stay silent, even though you really want to say something

Turn up one’s toes - to die



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