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10 March 2000

Members present:

Abby, Kwan Hoi Sze:
Fiona, Yeung Tin Wai:;
Jess, Cheung Sau Man:
Edmond, Yuen Yee Moon:
Mavis, Chan Ka Wai:
Winnie, Li Wing Yee:
Kiko, Hung Kam:
(Advisor) Sue Fitzgerald:


Decoration of CILL

  • The committee will design posters of idioms and translations (changing on a monthly basis).
  • Posters of countries and related information will be designed (changing on a monthly basis).
  • A list of festivals will be provided for the committee. (Sue)


Birthday Gifts

The committee suggested giving a Lai See packet to CILL members on their birthday. Sue will check the possibility of this with CILL staff.



The committee will look for suitable comic strip activities for a writing competition in April.



  • Up-dated movies (VCD or DVD format)
  • Music CD's + lyrics- Carpernters, Beatles, Bee Gees, Back Street Boys, Boyzone.



  • A request was made to update the questions on the VLC homepage. This has been passed on to Chris Greaves.
  • The committee asked about the homepage updating system. Sue explained the role of Andy Morrall as the CILL Webmaster.
  • A request was made for RichWin on the CILL computers. Sue will check with Raymond.


The committee will meet again on 24 March at 11.30am in Seminar Room B.

The meeting ended at 12.30pm


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