Materials for Meetings

Choose one of the learning materials below:

Material Unit/Pages Topics
Meetings and Discussions

(Business Speaking shelf - I)

All units All aspects of conducting and taking part in a meeting
In at the Deep End

(Business Speaking shelf - I)

Unit 26, p.98-99 Business meetings


Business Objectives

(Business shelf - EI)

Unit 7 Asking for opinions

Discussing future plans

Making, rejecting & accepting suggestions

When you have finished using one piece of material, either choose another or move on to one of the practice activities below:

Material Unit/Pages Topics
Speaking Solutions

(Speaking shelf - I)

Unit 6, p.151-154, 159-163 Leading a discussion

Asking for clarification

Creating Opportunities

(Video shelf)

Unit 6 Suggesting solutions

Giving opinions

Effective Meetings

(Video shelf)

All All aspects of meetings

Practice activities:


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