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Useful Internet Links for Learners of Japanese:

Please choose one:



For pages in Japanese please use computer number 04,
which can read Japanese. You need to start the Union Way program
by holding down the 'ALT' key, pressing the "Esc' key, then running
the Union Way program from the Startup menu.
Then, in Unionway, replace 'Big 5' with the Japanese system.
In Netscape, choose 'Options', 'Document Encoding', and choose the
same Japanese system that you chose in Union Way.
Then you should be able to read the Japanese on these sites.
If you have any problems, please ask our technical staff.



Listen to Japanese - (uses the RealPlayer Plug-in)

Mainichi Broadcasting System Radio News

Impress Radio



Japanese Phrases - and more

Another set of Japanese lessons is available from Japan: Traveler's Japanese with Voice which includes a basic Pronunciation guide. And a new site is the Mining Co.'s Japanese Language site with weekly lessons, links and more.


Last updated on: Friday, March 23, 2012