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Manufacturers and Brands

  • DuPont - Lycra Power
  • Dale - Flame Retardant Fabrics
  • Evergreen - Produced under the Evergreen Brand, we aim to manufacture yarns and fabrics in the most ecologically and socially responsible way possible. This involves a high percentage of recycled fibre along with some organic or low impact/alternative fibres.Our most successful items are: 1.Spun from Recycled Denim (inblends) 2.Spun from English & Chinese Hemp (inblends) 3.Other recycled fibre blends containing wool, cashmere, silk, pet (polyester made from post consumer recycled plastic drinks bottles and tencel) etc.

Textile Industry Promotional Organisations

General Information

  • King Cotton Magazine - This was the first Internet site that we know of exclusively devoted to cotton. We will do our utmost to present all known informational sites on the web related to cotton.
  • Linen - The Origins, the Transformation, the Uses of Linen. Professionals of linen and flax: seeds, fibres, yarns, material and cloth, the machinery, and flax trading.


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