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This exercise is to help you to write the 'Recommendations' section of a report.

Language Points:
This section of the report has two parts:

  1. Busy managers may only read the recommendations, so the finding that leads to each recommendation should be given.
  2. For reports with multiple recommendations, numbered sub-headings make the organisation clearer.
  3. Useful language includes verbs such as recommend, suggest, and propose, passive voice, and modal verbs such as should and could.


  • Read the words in the following box.
  • When you have finished, click the 'Start Exercise' button. The words will disappear, and each letter will be replaced by an underline.
  • Fill in the box with a word that you think was in the text. Use your memory and your knowledge of grammar and sentence structure to help you.
  • Then either press 'Enter' or click the ? button beside the box to check if the word is correct.
  • Continue until you have re-built the complete text.
  • You can use the Tips buttons below the text if you need help, but this will reduce your score.



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Last updated on: Wednesday, April 11, 2012