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Computer Architecture

Mindmap of Computer Architecture

On the computer architecture course, we have learnt the use of logic gates, Boolean Algebra and Map simplification.

In the field of logic gates, we have studied on AND, NOT, OR, XOR and XAND gates.

In Boolean Algebra, we have learnt General Axioms and Theorems, also De Morgan's Laws. For instance: x + x' = 1 and x * x = 0.

Lastly, in map simplicfication, we have studied 2,3,4 variable map and don't care condition. E.g, injective and surjective mapping.



The Accounting Course

On the Accounting Course , so far we have studied double entry systems , financial statements , accounting concepts , and we will study cost accounting , accounting records , accounting ratios and analysise financial positions in the future .

In double entry systems , we have learnt aboutopening ledger accounts , i.e. debit and credit entries , nominal accounts and naming of accounts .

In financial statements , we have learnt how to make a balance sheet , trading and profit and loss account and cash flow statement .

In accounting concepts , we have studied what accrual and prepayment concept are . Besides In addition, we studied the accounting equation (Assets - Liabilities = Capital ) .

In the future , we will learn the rest, which are cost accounting , accounting records , accounting ratios and analysising financial positions.




Mind-map of Mathematics

In the subject ‘Mathematics’ up to now we have studied Sequence, Limit, Differentiation and Integration.

Sequence is a list of numbers n1, n2, n3, ...

Limit can determine whether the point is exists ed or not (lim). We use limit to find whether the function is either continuous or discontinuous.

Differentiation is to find the slope at a particular point of a function. It also applies to trigonometric function (e.g. sin x, cos x). Implicit function means dx/dy = 1/ (dy/dx). We also use differentiation for curve sketching and change of rate.

Integration is the reverse of the differentiation. We can use Integration to find the area and volume of the entity.




On the Management Studies course, so far we have studied Management Objectives, Management Roles, Management Functions, Management Skills and Management Theories.

In Management Objectives, we have studied what is the difference between effectiveness and efficiency. And we moved on to the Management Roles which talks about information roles, interpersonal roles and decisional roles.

Also, we studied Management Function which talks about planning, organizing, leading and controlling functions.

Then, we studied Management Skills, which mentions the technical skills, human skills and conceptional skills.

Finally, we have talked about Management Theories, including scientific management, Fayol's 14 Principal, human resource approach, quantitative approach and contingency.

Mindmap of Management

Computer Systems Architecture

On the Computer Systems Architecture course so far we have studied Van Neumann Machines , Binary logic, Logic gates, Boolean Algebra and Expression simplification.

In Van Neumann Machines, we studied what is a Van Neumann Machine is, a Van Neumann Machine have has a CPU, Memory, input and output system and a (SISD) single data stream.

In Binary logic, we studied "True"&"False", "1" and "0", which is due to the "on" and "off" of a circuit in a computer e.g. Q in Q means question in question.

In Logic gates, we studied six basic gates-----AND gate, XOR gate and Inverters.

In Boolean Algebra, we studied some Laws; eg. Associative law, Distributive law, De Morgan. We also studied some Axioms, Theorems and how to proof prove those theorems.

In Expression simplification, we studied how to use Axioms and Theorems to simplify some complicated expressions.

Mindmap of Computer Systems Architecture


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