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How to Get Good Marks in your Presentation

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Here are some ways to get good marks in your presentation:
  • use your own words - don't read from a piece of paper
  • use note cards to help you remember the topics you want to talk about
  • interact with the audience; eg. ask their opinions
  • start by giving or asking for information that the audience will agree with, then use this a basis to move on to teach the audience something new and useful
  • explain why you think your topic(s) are important
  • use visual aids such as pictures and real objects to show the audience
  • use rising intonation to hold your audience's attention
  • use gestures to reinforce what you are saying
  • use body language to show that you are confident
  • use humour to keep the audience's attention
  • make eye-contact with all of your audience

Check your presentation plan for these things. If you don't have them, try to include them.

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Last updated on: Friday, March 23, 2012