CILL Membership Scheme

What do you get
Study for 30 hours and achieve a Silver Membership.

You will receive:

  • a silver certificate
  • a silver label for your CILL portfolio
  • a photo on the membership bulletin board
  • Study for 45 hours and achieve a Gold Membership.
    You will receive:

  • a gold certificate
  • a gold label for your CILL portfolio
  • a 30 minute one-to-one teacher consultation in CILL
  • a letter of recommendation for your parent department (for current students only, not alumni)
  • Who can apply for a CILL certificate

    All registered CILL members are entitled to such membership.

    Hours are counted for each academic year only. i.e. 1 September  to 31 August . SAP & WAP hours also count. SEP hours do not count.

    You must use the portfolio effectively as a record of your studies in CILL. You will not get a certificate without portfolio entries for a substantial proportion of your study in CILL.



    To ensure an accurate record of CILL attendance, use the Smart Card Reader when you enter and when you leave CILL. Hours are not counted if you do not use the card.

    You can check the number of hours you have studied in CILL. Ask the counter staff for a CILL-hours-checking form. Complete the form and return it to the staff. You can collect the form with your hours the following day.



    To be given a certificate you must write a report about your studies in CILL. You can get a report form from the CILL counter.

    The report should be about 200 words and should include:

  • What areas you have studied – e.g. grammar, vocabulary, speaking skills.
  • How you studied – the materials you used – what you did.
  • Which materials helped you the most, the most useful things you did in CILL.
  • The progress you feel you have made.
  • How CILL has helped you to become an independent language learner.
  • For a Gold Membership write a second report on your study progress after your Silver Membership.


    How to apply

    When you have studied 30 or 45 hours you should write your report. Give your portfolio, report and CILL-hours-checking form to the counter staff.



    You will be notified via email when the certificate is ready for collection.



    Last updated on: Friday, March 23, 2012