Diphthong Battleships


  • Place your ships on the table titled 'Me' below by clicking on squares until they go black. Place (4 squares long), (3 squares long), (2 squares long) and (1 square only). The ships can be vertical or horizontal, but cannot touch other ships.
  • To play the game, work with a partner.
  • The first person calls out the name of a square by reading the horizontal first, then the vertical
  • The second person clicks this square on their 'Me' table until it shows a hit (in red) or a miss (blue), and tells the first person if it is a hit or a miss.
  • The first person clicks the square on their table marked 'Enemy' until it shows a hit (in red) or a miss (blue).
  • Then the second person has their turn.
  • If all of the squares on a ship are hit by the enemy, say "You've sunk my..." and the type of ship; e.g. "You've sunk my battleship."
  • The winner is the first person to destroy all the enemy ships. If you run out of time, the person with the highest number of hits on the enemy is the winner.
  • Check your partner's board at the end. If the hits and misses are different then you have made mistakes saying or listening to the
Me   Enemy
Hits =



Last updated on: Monday, March 26, 2012