Essay Paragraphs

Aim: this exercise is to help you to with the organisation, grammar and sentence structure of academic essay paragraphs.

This group of paragraphs is from an essay called 'Multiple dimensions of the tutor-student relationships'. They are ordered according to the relative importance of the points. In them you can see an organisational structure that is shown with the expression 'The most important aspect...' and adds additional points using expressions such as 'Another aspect...', In addition...' and 'also'.


  • Read the words in the following box.
  • When you have finished, click the 'Start Exercise' button. The words will disappear, and each letter will be replaced by an underline.
  • Fill in the box with a word that you think was in the text. Use your memory and your knowledge of grammar and sentence structure to help you.
  • Then either press 'Enter' or click the ? button beside the box to check if the word is correct.
  • Continue until you have re-built the complete text.
  • You can use the Tips buttons below the text if you need help, but this will reduce your score.



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Last updated on: Friday, March 23, 2012