Materials for Social English Conversation

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Choose one of the learning materials below:

Material Unit/Pages Topics
Creating Opportunities

(Video shelf - Intermediate Level)

Unit 1 Socialising - making new business contacts

(Business Speaking shelf - Intermediate Level)

All units Language used in a variety of typical social situations
Improve Your Spoken English (CD One) (Multimedia shelf - Early-intermediate Level) Unit 3

Unit 4

Unit 5

What a lovely time!

Eating out


When you have finished using one piece of material, either choose another or move on to one of the practice activities below:

Practice activities:

Material Unit/Pages Topics
Social Contacts

(Listening shelf - Early-intermediate Level)

Unit 3

Unit 8

Unit 15

Things in common - establishing contact

Interests - expressing likes, indifference, dislikes

Food and drink 2 - courtesies at dinner, inviting, appreciating, apologising

People and Places

(Video shelf - Upper-intermediate Level)

Page 42

Pages 90-92

Sunday - the day of rest


Making Contact

(Business Speaking shelf - Early-intermediate Level)

Unit 13

Unit 14

Unit 15

Before the meal

Explaining food



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