Materials for Research Paper Writing

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Choose one of the following materials on the presentation of a research paper:

Material Unit/Section/Pages Topics
Study Skills for Academic Writing (Study Skills shelf) I Unit 4 ( P.98 - 102) Tasks 2 - 5 (P.108 - 110) Format of a research paper
A Study Skills Handbook

(Study Skills shelf) I

Unit 7 Parts 2 & 3

(including exercises)

Using reference materials

Writing a bibliography

Writing Research Papers

(Study Skills shelf) I

Unit 6f - h

(Pages 158 - 172)

Unit 10 b, d, e, f

(Pages 309 - 312,

313 -332)

Structure of a research paper

Writing a research paper in APA style

  • writing the abstract
  • using in-text citations
  • writing the reference list


  • answers are at the back of the books or in the Teacher Book
  • try using the self-correction sheet (in the Activity Sheets drawers)
  • a tutor can help you correct your work or find more material


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