Common Error Detector


Aim: The grammar checker in your word processor is not perfect - it misses some grammar, vocabulary and academic style mistakes. This program is to help you find and correct some of the common vocabulary problems in student writing that word processor grammar checkers often miss. It will not find all errors, only some common ones ELC teachers find in students' writing. You still need to proof-read the text yourself as well.
  1. Write your essay.
  2. Grammar and spell check it in your word processor.
  3. Proof-read it with you own eyes, looking for mistakes such as 'form' instead of 'from'.
  4. Paste your writing into the box below, then press the 'Submit' button.
Output: This program will output your text with the errors highlighted, and comments and explanations to help you solve the problems.

List of Common Errors
Academic style, vocabulary and grammar errors that this program looks for are:

Click here to see an example essay processed by this program.

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Last updated on: Monday, July 10, 2017