Importance and Unimportance

Key words in university study: Importance and unimportance


This page introduces words to describe importance or unimportance.


In your written and spoken work at university you will often need to discuss what is important or central and what is unimportant or peripheral. The words below all refer to importance and unimportance.

major marginal focus minority crucial significant
predominant primary minimal core foremost trivial
emphasis negligible stress subsidiary dominant subordinate
priority fundamental centre secondary minor principal


Complete the sentences below with words from the list. Make sure that you put the words in the correct form. More than one answer is sometimes possible. If you are not sure click the [?] button for a hint. Check your answers when you have finished.

1. This essay on the impact of SARS on Hong Kong’s tourism industry.

2. This really is a issue and I really don’t know why we’re wasting our time discussing it.

3. I believe that we should give to students with grade ‘A’ in their Use of English.

4. Dr Au thinks we should place greater on the teaching of grammar.

5. This is a really point so I think we should discuss it in detail.

6. The library in Hong Kong is in Causeway Bay. There are branches throughout the city.

7. Some academics argue that the low government funding is at the of the issue.

8. The difference between the two products is so small as to be .

9. The Department of Nursing is excellent and is seen as one the in Hong Kong.

10. The survey suggests that there has only been a improvement in graduate's pay over the past few years.


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