Prepositional Phrases

This slideshow page is to help you to use prepositional phrases correctly.


Replace the 'that' -clause in each of the following sentences with a prepositional phrase without changing the original meaning.

e.g. The union informed us that the policy had been changed. > The union informed us of the change of policy.

Note how the words after that contain a verb in the original sentence, but in the second sentence the preposition of is followed by a noun phrase (with no verbs in it).

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Correct answers:

1. Alan was afraid that he might fail of failing the mid-term examination.
2. No one at that time was aware that the matter was urgent of the urgency of the matter / of the matter's urgency.
3. We can assure you that we are committed of our commitment to providing the best service.
4. Karen was very sorry that she submitted for submitting the assignment late.
5. The accused soldiers tried to convince the public that they were innocent of their innocence.


Last updated on: Monday, March 26, 2012