The three extracts adapted from PolyU students' FYPs have a number of errors. Proof read the extracts and find and correct the errors.

1.( Adapted from a Faculty of Communication FYP)

Findings and analysis

Education distribution

As Table 3.1.2 , all of the respondents of HKPU had an educational level
of University or above. The respondents of JSHK have a greater of educational
backgrounds ranging kindergarten/primary to postgraduate. 15% of the
respondents of JSHK that they had a secondary educational level,
12% of had attained University level and 10% Post-graduate level.

Occupational distribution

As table 3.1.3 reveals, all of the respondents of BALB/BALSB students. The
respondents of PgDJSP and JSHK were all working . More than half of the
respondents of PgDJSP either managers or teachers. The
group among therespondents of JSHK was 'housewives', followed by
'professionals' and 'clerks'. It be seen from Table3.1.3 that the respondents
with different jobs were evenly distributed in this research.

2. ( Adapted from a Faculty of Health & Social Sciences FYP)


The mean age among these patients compared with the life expectancy at birth
the Hong Kong SAR in 1998 (statistics from the Hospital Authority).
The average age of the life of a male 76.9 and a female was 82.2 in 1998.
However, in this study, the age of death of the male patient was 71.96 and female
was 83.43.
Although group of patients suffered from illness, their death age
large differences from that of the average person.
The overall findings have shown that those patients (n=32) in poor
physical condition had been clinically diagnosed as being in the final of
In Table 2, we have their data with average readings in order to
determine whether the date of admission had be taken as the major prognostic factor or if
there were others.


3. ( Adapted from a Faculty of Business Information Systems FYP)

Urban Cultural Experience

A review of the literature indicated that backpackers cultural experience
(Riley, 1987 & Stivala, 1991) and urban experience such : hiring a car,
biking and visiting big towns, attending live theatre or , outdoor and folk
museums or historical parks and other museums. or art (Loker, 1996).
HKTB emphasized that HK is a cosmopolitan city; it still loyal to its
cultural roots, ancient customs and traditions everywhere. Backpackers visit 11
museums in HK displaying information on pre-colonial heritage and
and there are nine museums showing education and entertainment, art, sience
and historical in HK.