Call for Proposals

Writing Roundtable 2022 (Conference):
Call for Proposals

Proposals for presentation are invited from all interested participants. All submissions must be original and relevant to the topic and themes of this year’s conference.

Academic Writing Creative Writing Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Writing
  • Writing in disciplines
  • Literary Journalism
  • Research in / and Writing
  • Writing Assessment
  • Creative Nonfiction
  • Infodemiology
  • Feedback on writing in digital spaces
  • Fiction
  • Multi-linguistic ethnography
  • Critical Literacy (texts,images and videos)
  • Writing for film
  • Systemic Functional Linguistics in the Digital Age
  • Neologism and the epidemic / pandemic
  • Hybrid Texts
  • Writing with / in Social Media
  • Culture and institutional policy shifts
  • Storytelling / narratives
  • Teaching, learning, and assessment modes during lockdown
  • Divergent dialogues
  • Urban & Media Cultures in Asia
  • The writer, writing, and quarantine

If a theme you are interested in and which you feel is relevant is not in this list, but should be, add it to the appropriate section of your Abstract Submission form. All proposals undergo a blind review and should be submitted online.

Proposals for the WR should be submitted to the main Writing Roundtable website for the following types of sessions:

  • Paper presentation (25 minutes including Q&A)
  • Roundtable discussion (50 minutes)
  • Workshops (50 minutes)

Paper Presentation

Proposals for paper presentation should present and discuss original research in relation to the conference theme. Presenters will be given 25 minutes including presentation and discussion. (Maximum a 150-word abstract + a 50-word summary + a 50-word bio)

Roundtable Discussion

Proposals for Roundtable discussion should include a 100-word description and at least 4 questions that you want the participants to explore during the session. (Maximum 100-word abstract +a 50-word summary + a 50-word bio)

Roundtable discussion, as the name suggests, is an opportunity for participants to get together in an informal setting to discuss ideas and issues related to creative and academic writing. Facilitators can introduce their topic briefly, leaving a major part of the session for sharing ideas. The facilitators need to be well versed in their topic and engage the group members in discussions and sharing experiences. Questions can be prepared by the facilitators in advance to start the conversations.


Proposals for facilitating a workshop should include practical, hands-on, interactive activities that participants will be able to engage in, or “show and tell” any tools and programs used or developed for writing, such as designing tasks, developing a plot and learning to use an online resource. (Maximum 100 words + a 50-word bio)

Selection Process

All proposals will undergo a blind review process by members of the organising committee. The submissions will be reviewed by at least two reviewers. All those submitting proposals will be informed by 24 April 2022 whether their abstracts have been accepted.

Key Dates for Writing Roundtable Main Event

  • Closing date for receipt of proposals is 13 February, 2022 10 April 2022.
  • Presenters will be informed whether their proposal has been accepted by 24 April 2022.
  • All presenters must register for the conference by 2 May 2022.
  • Proposals submitted by participants who have not registered by 2 May 2022 will be removed from the programme.

Finally, we look forward to seeing you at the ELC’s Writing Roundtable 2022 and the Preview Event; and please, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions that you may have.


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