The Writing Roundtable 2022

Flux in Pedagogy, Creative Writing & Scholarship


The Writing Roundtable 2022

Flux - "a state of uncertainty [and] constant change..."

The world today faces an unprecedented state of affairs, with uncertainty and change forever looming around humankind, as viral unrest and coronavirus pandemia continue to affect us in all that we do. Yet, while for many, this reality has posed difficult and devastating challenges to overcome, for some, this has been an age of opportunity and redirection, moving perhaps from zones of comfort towards zones of discovery, zones of necessity.

In response to the current state of the world, flux has been selected as the theme for the Writing Roundtable 2022 conference - dedicated to the uncertainty and constant change that we, as academics, creative writers and scholars, face today. Subsequently, the 6th Writing Roundtable will engage, once more, its participants in a variety of intimate discussions and exchange of views on writing and its place in this global state of uncertainty and constant change. In addition, for the first time, the 2022 conference will be offering complementary registration, hosted 100% online, and extending its invitation to include an international audience.

Our intimate and diverse range of invited keynote and pre-note speakers comprises of academics and professionals who will speak on issues related to the conference's three strands - Academic Writing, Creative Writing, and The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Writing - and its theme - to understand and to practice how writing and social media have influenced each other in this age of flux.

The Writing Roundtable 2022 Organising Committee welcomes you to the 9 February Preview Event and the 20 May Writing Roundtable Conference.


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