As conference participants come from different time zones, all scheduled sessions at the Conference are video-recorded.
Attending, presenting, and facilitating at the EAC2021 Conference is an indication of consent for the video-recording of the sessions you join.

The Conference is full! Thank you very much for registering. We look forward to seeing you all on 20 May.
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  • The WAC Clearinghouse publishes articles and books of interest to both the writing-across-the-curriculum community and the larger writing studies community, provides a wide range of web-based resources for instructors who wish to use writing in their courses, and supports research in the use of writing to support learning and teaching. As an open-access publisher, the Clearinghouse is dedicated to providing barrier- and cost-free access to scholarly work, including journals and journal articles, monographs, edited collections, conference proceedings, and professional and pedagogical resources. Over more than two decades, the members of the Clearinghouse publishing collaborative have developed approaches to publishing that have significantly reduced the cost of publishing scholarly work while maintaining standards that put our journals and books among the top in the field of writing studies. Today, the WAC Clearinghouse is widely regarded as the leading website supporting the use of writing and speaking in courses across the curriculum.
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