ELC CILL Workshops


Our ELC CILL Workshops are designed to help you actively improve your English in small groups. Each workshop lasts 2 hours and the workshop instructor provides all materials.



When are the workshops?

We have workshops throughout the semester. Check the calendar below to see which workshops are held on which day at what time.


What are the workshop topics?

1. Academic Skills (1)

  • Academic writing style
    • Write in university style, not WhatsApp style
  • Integrating citations & referencing skills
    • Effectively integrate citations into your essays
  • Grammar for academic writing
    • Use inversion to enhance your writing and learn other skills

2. Academic skills (2)

  • Discussion skills
    • Speak up with your classmates during discussions
  • Presentations skills
    • Keep your audience's attention as you present!
  • Editing academic essays
    • Improve your essays by correcting common errors

3. CRE (Common Recruitment Examination)

  • Prepare for the English paper of the CRE
  • Deal with some sample questions of the CRE

4. English Writing Requirement (EWR)

  • Academic Essays for EWR (and other courses)
    • Get tips on producing a top-notch essay that will wow your instructor
  • Argumentative Essays for EWR (and other courses)
    • Learn how to build and structure strong arguments and rebuttals
  • Reflective Writing for EWR (and other courses)
    • Explore how to use effective reflection that engages your readers


  • IELTS Speaking
    • Find out about the IELTS Speaking test and get advice on improving your scores
  • IELTS Writing
    • Practise Task 1 and Task 2 in IELTS Writing and get tips on what to do or not do!
  • IELTS Listening and Reading
    • Do a practice listening and reading test, and get top tips on how to improve your score


6. Making Digital Documentaries

  • Telling your Story
    • Develop your storyboard, build your content & learn all about creating a digital documentary
  • Engaging your Audience
    • Integrate audio, visuals, narration, and engagement techniques to capture and entertain your audience
  • The Language of Digital Media
    • Enhance your English and digital literacy by writing a clear, compelling, and memorable script

7. Workplace English(1)

  • Writing CVs
    • Make sure your CV stands out!
  • Impressing in job interviews
    • Learn how to successfully ace your next job interview
  • Persuasive speeches
    • Make your pitches succinct and persuasive!

8. Workplace English(2)

  • Creating a professional profile
    • Make sure you impress online and offline
  • Writing a personal statement
    • Show how you are a unique candidate
  • Writing cover letters
    • Learn how to match your skills and experience to the job


How do I make a booking?

  • Go to the ELC Booking System (PolyU students only)
  • Select a session from the system and you will receive confirmation by email.


Where are the workshops held?

The workshops will be held at CILL or online this semester.

Is there anything else I should remember?

  • Be punctual for the workshop.
  • Use English!
  • Be an active learner! Our workshops are interactive, and you will get the most out of them asking more questions and doing all the activities during the workshop!


Last updated on: Thursday, November 04, 2021