Subject Resources

ELC3823 Professional English for Digital Media Design Students

This is a two-credit DSR subject taken by Digital Design students.

Learning outcomes

  1. Participating and interacting professionally in pitch presentations, and
  2. Writing effective interactive media design related project proposals.


Seven Resources to Help YOU Get a Better Grade!


Pitch Presentations

Go to the final unit in Upgrading Your Grammar and learn the grammar that will help you deliver presentations accurately and effectively.


Having accurate stress and intonation is important when delivering a presentation. Watch this video to find out how!


Watch these two students go from an ineffective presentation delivery to an effective delivery in this short video.






Q: I have no idea what topic to write in the proposal. Is there any help?



A: Think about your Cooperative Project or FYP topic.





Q: What is the structure of a project proposal?



A: The structure of a project proposal:

  • Front cover
  • Executive summary
  • Current situation
  • Target audience
  • Objectives
  • Creative strategy
  • Budget
  • Schedule of work
  • Payment schedule and arrangements
  • Qualifications
  • Conclusion




    Q: Should I write the proposal in a formal style?


    A: Appropriate style and tone is important in a project proposal. Make sure you are using plain English in your proposal. Watch this video for some advice.



    Q: I always get a low grade for my language. How can I improve it?


    A: To get a satisfactory grade for language, you need to produce accurate language. If you need more help with your language, join Upgrading Your Grammar.



    Q: Are there any tips for language?


    A: You should use the appropriate grammatical structures in your writing. For example, use parallel structures in your writing. Watch this video to find out more.

    And go to this site for more information about using parallel structures in your writing.