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ELC3524 Professional Communication for Computing Students

This is a two-credit subject taken by students in the Department of Computing.

Learning outcomes

  1. Plan, organise and write logically-developed and convincing project proposals; and
  2. Organise and produce technical documents such as manuals and guidelines.


SIX Q&As to Help You Better Understand this Subject:



Q: What are the assessments?


A: There are two assessments in this course: one writing & one speaking.

Assessment 1: Project Proposal (Out-of-class)

In groups of 3 (max. 4), use the knowledge you have gained throughout your studies and your unique interests and experience to develop an idea and then write a proposal to be submitted to the ELC Fund.

Assessment 2: Individual presentation (In-class)

Individually deliver a presentation (5 minutes and 2 minutes Q&A) highlighting the impact of your project proposal as well as how your involvement contributes to the success of the project.




Q: I have no idea what topic to write in the proposal. Is there any help?

A: Watch these three videos of young local entrepreneurs sharing how their successful business first started with an idea to get inspired!

Ms. Twiggy Chan, founder of Boaz International Education Institute

Ms. Peann Tam, Co-founder of Eco-Greenergy

Mr. Kevin Poon, Lifestyle Entrepreneur



Q: Should I write the proposal in a formal style?


A: Appropriate style and tone is important in a project proposal. Make sure you are using plain English in your proposal. Watch this video for some advice.



Q: Are there any language tips?


A: You should use the appropriate grammatical structures in your writing. For example, use parallel structures in your writing. Watch this video to find out more.

And go to this site for more information about using parallel structures in your writing.



Q: How can I deliver an effective pitch to sell the idea and my contribution?


A: Learn from the experts, Peann and Twiggy!



Q: I always get a low grade for my language. How can I improve it? 


A: To get a satisfactory grade for language, you need to produce accurate language.  If you need more help with your language join Upgrading Your Grammar.