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ELC2S03 Persuasive Digital Storytelling: Small Charities Big Impacts

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Video: story of ELC2S03 in Cambodia


1. What is the schedule of the subject?

ELC2S03 is a cross-semester service-learning subject and is offered two times a year. Students can take the subject in semester 1 +2, or semester 2+3.

Students taking the subject meet their teachers once a week (2-hours per session) for 13 weeks during the semester. They will then deliver their filming service in the winter break or summer semester. If the service takes place overseas, the service trip lasts usually 10-12 days.

2. What is the service nature of this subject? What is my role in the service?

All such information is provided in the subject Power point file. You should have read it before coming to this FAQ section.

3. Is the service component a must? What if I cannot attend the service component?

Students' attendance at the service is a must. As a matter of fact, students' performance at the service point contributes to part of their overall subject grade. If you know that you are not free during the service period, we suggest that you don’t apply for this subject.

4. Is there a lot of work in this subject?

Former students feel that this subject belongs to a heavier 3-credit subject, but it is not unreasonably heavy. They reported that the heaviest part of the subject has been the post-filming editing work of the documentary. Students need to be prepared for such work after the filming service.

5. What should I do before, during and after the service component?

Before the service, students have to work in teams to:

  • research the needs of NGO partners and identify a story that would interest audience
  • develop a feasible storyboard and shooting schedule
  • develop persuasive writings

Upon arrival at the service point, your team will need to:

  • evaluate the situation and revise your storyboard accordingly
  • conduct interviews and shooting on site
  • perform initial editing
  • showcase your draft to service partners before departure

After the service component, your team needs to:

  • perform post-filming editing
  • send the completed documentary to service partners

6. Can I take this subject if my English is not good?

Part of the service requires students to develop persuasive writing pieces for our partner NGOs. We therefore expects students to have a fairly good command of written English, both in terms of accuracy and appropriacy. Certainly, one’s passion for serving the less advantaged is another very important selection criterion too.

7. Can I take the subject if I have no video production experience?

A short answer is “YES”. We believe if one has a will, one has a way. If you are willing to invest extra time to learn video production skills, we are sure that you can make up for the inadequacy. In fact we have seen some amazing work developed by students who had zero video production experience.

8. Is it easy to get a good grade?

We will evaluate students mainly on their performance in the four assessed tasks (details can be found from the power point). This means that in order to get a good grade, your performance in presentation, writing and video production is important.

However, doing a service-related subject requires one to have a heart to serve. If students’ primary concern is their grade, they might probably be not the right candidates for the subject.

9. If the service takes place offshore, will there be any sponsorship for the trip?

There will be sponsorship. But students are still expected to contribute partially to the expenses incurred. Details will be announced usually in the first meeting of the subject.

10. How can I register for this subject?

Please observe this schedule:

Students interested in taking ELC2S03 in sem 1 +2

May-June: Watch out for SLLO’s promotional email/ information session

June – early July: Submit an application video as instructed

Late July: Receive application results from ELC; to be confirmed subject to time-table availability

Late August: Confirmation of successful restriction

Students interested in taking ELC2S03 in sem 2 +3

Late Sept: Watch out for SLLO’s promotional email/ information session

Oct: submit an application video

Nov: Receive application results from ELC; to be confirmed subject to time-table availability

Late Dec: Confirmation of successful restriction