ELC2S02 Serving the Community through Teaching English



  • What is ELC2S02?

ELC2S02 is a service learning subject designed for students on the 4-year curriculum undergraduate degree. The subject spreads between two semesters and comprises pre-service training and a teaching service component.
The subject will be offered twice a year, in semesters 1 and 2. Students taking the subject in semester 1 will deliver the service in semester 2.  Students taking the subject in semester 2 will deliver the service in semester 3. 
Students should note that the service targets and service locations in the two semesters are different. The table below presents the relevant information:

Pre-service training Teaching service component
(40 service hours)
Service target Language workshop to be offered

Semester 1

Semester 2
2 times a week
week 3-9 evenings + 1 Saturday / Sunday event

Primary school children attending after-day care service in HK community centres

English reading workshop

Semester 2

Semester 3
7 – 12 day offshore service trips in late May / mid June

Four service points:


a. Primary school children in mainland suburb counties

English reading workshop

b. Primary school children in Cambodia
c. Primary school children in Taiwan

English reading workshop
English reading workshop

d. Primary English subject teachers in mainland suburb counties

English speaking workshop


  • What does the pre-trip training involve?

Students meet their subject lecturers once a week (2-hours per session).  Some sessions are lectures and some seminars. Students will be introduced to the following topics:

  • What constitutes to quality presentations?
  • What is service-learning?
  • Teaching as presentations
  • Understanding your audience’s needs: how English is taught and learnt in Hong Kong / less developed areas in China/Cambodia/Taiwan
  • Importance of articulation, intonation and vocal variety in teaching and presentations
  • Lesson planning and material development

During the pre-service training, students will be guided to develop teaching/learning materials for the service component.  

  • Is the teaching service component a must? Can I do the subject but not the service?

Students’ attendance at the service is a must.  As a matter of fact, students’ teaching performance at the service point contributes to part of their overall subject grade. Failure to attend and to have satisfactory attendance at the service point will have significant impact on their subject grade.

  • Is there a lot of work in this subject?

We feel that this subject belong to a heavier 3-credit subject, but it is not unreasonably heavy. Former students felt that the heaviest part of the subject has been the preparation for teaching materials for the teaching service component.

  • What should I do before and during the teaching service component?

Before the teaching service, students have to work in teams and develop suitable and relevant teaching activities for the reading/speaking workshop. In other words, their contribution will constitute the workshop syllabus.
Students will have to facilitate reading/ speaking session in the visiting school/centre.  They will discuss with the school teachers/ centre representatives to learn about their learners’ ability and needs.   

  • Can I take this subject if my English is not good?

Since this subject is about English language teaching, we expect students to have a fairly good command of English proficiency, specially in terms of pronunciation.  Certainly, one’s passion for serving the community is another very important selection criterion too. 

  • Is it easy to get a good grade?

We will evaluate students mainly on their performance in the four assessed tasks (details can be found from the power point). This means that in order to get a good grade, your performance in presentations and writing is important.
However, doing a service-related subject requires one to have a heart to serve.  If students’ primary concern is their grade, they might probably be not the right candidates for the subject.

  • If the service takes place offshore, will there be any sponsorship for the trip?

There will be sponsorship.  But students are still expected to contribute partially to the expenses incurred.  Details will be announced usually in the first meeting of the subject.

  • How can I register for this subject?

Students register for this subject need to sit in an interview in week 1 or 2. They will need to explain why they want to take this subject and why they are suitable. Students attending offshore service also need to indicate which group of clients they would like to serve and why.

The results will be released usually within a few days by email.