Subject Information

ELC2014 Advanced English for University Studies


This subject aims to develop your skills in producing coherent written and oral academic texts based on credible and up-to-date sources.

Your will learn how to evaluate academic sources and to apply critical thinking in selecting information that will support and illustrate your structured and persuasive arguments in an academic essay, oral defence and group discussion.

There are three assessments:


Draft position argument essay (20%)

By following steps in the research process, you will locate and evaluate relevant materials for use in your draft position argument essay.

You will learn what is required in an academic essay proposal with a focus on a debatable and academically sound topic of your choice.

You will submit, typically in Week 6, a draft position argument essay of around 600 words, including cited academic sources (this is an out-of-class assessment).


Oral defence (35%)

This individually-assessed component takes place in a small-group format of three or four students in Week 8 or Week 9.

Based on the same topic as your position argument essay, you will present a 3-minute thesis defence. Here, you will identify key viewpoints based on authoritative sources before defending your own position on the issue.

Next, in a 4-minute section, you will answer questions that encourage reflection on your experience of the research process.

Lastly, you will take part in an 8-10 minute discussion that focuses on deeper discussion and critical analysis of both your topic and those of other students in the group.


Final position argument essay (45%)

In the last part of the course, you will build on and extend your draft position essay into a final out-of-class submission of about 1,200 words. The submission date is the end of Week 13.

By responding critically and reflectively to feedback on your draft, you will add an introduction and conclusion, create a reference list, revise your structural cohesion and systematically proofread your draft.

This process will give you the skills to produce a cogent and persuasive research-driven essay.


ELC2014 is a well-established course that is highly rated for its consistent effectiveness in improving academic English across all four language skills.

If you have any questions about ELC2014, please feel free to email John Iveson, the subject leader, at this address: