Subject Resources

ELC1008 University English for Higher Diploma Students II

This is the second three-credit subject taken by Higher Diploma students.

Learning outcomes

  1. Plan, write and revise academic essays,
  2. Refer to sources in written texts by using summarising, paraphrasing and synthesising skills, and
  3. Use appropriate verbal and non-verbal skills in spoken communication in a group context.


Eight Resources to Help YOU Get a Better Grade!


Planning, writing and revising essays

Learn how to plan, write and revise academic essays by watching this video.


Improve your language skills by joining Learning4Life and doing the activities in Unit 3!


Find out about the structure of an effective for and against essay in this video.



Referring to sources

Learn how you can integrate your sources effectively in paragraphs in this video.


Make sure your reference list is accurate by checking against this online resource.



Participating in Effective Discussions

Go to the discussions module in the third unit of Learning4Life and learn how you can be an effective discussion partner.


You need to have the right body language in a discussion if you want a good grade. Watch this video to find out how!


Build up your discussion vocabulary by going to this online resource and doing the interactive activities.