Subject Resources

ELC1007 University English for Higher Diploma Students I

This is the first three-credit subject taken by Higher Diploma students.

Learning outcomes

  1. Plan and write a text that effectively describes data,
  2. Plan and write a well-structured and coherent comparison and contrast text, and
  3. Employ appropriate and effective verbal and non-verbal skills in oral presentations.


Eight Resources to Help YOU Get a Better Grade!


Describing Data

Learn how to use parts of speech and write sentences correctly by joining Upgrading Your Grammar.


Boost your word power by revising the vocabulary for graphs in this online resource.


Comparing and Contrasting

Learn examples of the vocabulary in a comparison-contrast text from this video.


Go to the third unit of Upgrading Your Grammar and learn how to write effective paragraphs and comparison-contrast essays.


Find out about planning and structuring a comparison-contrast essay in this video.


Delivering Effective Presentations

Go to the final unit in Upgrading Your Grammar and learn the grammar that will help you deliver presentations accurately and effectively.


Having accurate stress and intonation is important when delivering a presentation. Watch this video to find out how!


Watch these two students go from an ineffective presentation delivery to an effective delivery in this short video.