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About Inscribe

Inscribe: A Journal of Undergraduate Writing in Asia is a refereed electronic journal which publishes writing by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University undergraduate students from all disciplines. With the introduction of the English Reading and Writing Requirement under the 4-year curriculum, Inscribe was launched to support the University’s emphasis on writing by cultivating a community of writers in the University. By showcasing polished and professionally written work, the journal allows students to experience an academic publishing environment which provides a platform to develop their writing, research, and publication skills.

Submissions are invited throughout the year. All submissions are initially evaluated against a set of guidelines to ensure that they meet the requirements of the journal. Potential papers will then undergo a series of reviewing and editing processes, including a one-hour tutorial meeting between the student and a journal editor. Through the editing experience, students will be empowered to become independent writers and researchers.

All published papers will be open to access by the University and wider communities. An interactive publishing platform, Inscribe encourages intellectual discussion and commentary on student authors’ work and, in the long run, contributes to the building of a knowledge base through the collaboration within the University community on subjects of interest.

Inscribe is hosted and supported by the English Language Centre of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


  • Ms. Chrissy Burns
  • Mr. Adam Barker

Editorial Panel

  • Dr. Jack K.C. Chun
  • Mr. Adam Forrester
  • Ms. Shari Lughmani
  • Mr. Andrew Morrall
  • Dr. Bruce Morrison
  • Dr. Jane Robbins

Faculty Editors

  • Ms. Kay Chan
  • Ms. Caitlin Feenstra
  • Dr. Tim Lee
  • Mr. Phil Todd


  • Mr. Cameron Darcy
  • Dr. Tim Lee
  • Mr. Freeman Tai
  • Ms. Bonnie Wu

Director of the English Language Centre

  • Dr. Bruce Morrison

Senior Faculty Advisor

  • Ms. Shari Lughmani

Founding Editor-in-Chief

  • Mr. Dean A. F. Gui