Aim of Site

This website has been specifically developed to provide English language support for Hong Kong Polytechnic University year three students who are preparing to write their Final Year Project (FYP).

Guidance is provided in the form of advice, activities, references and links to other websites. Access to the information can be gained by selecting topics from the menu bar at the left of the screen. Please click on the various items in the menu bar to see what information is available.

Questions related to the writing of Final Year Projects can be sent via email to a member of staff in the English Language Centre. Questions, and the answers provided, will be added to the FAQs page so that all users can benefit from the additional information. The address to send questions to is:

We hope you will find this site helpful throughout the various stages of preparing your Final Year Project.

Development of this site has been made possible through a grant from
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University central research budget.