Internet Page Authoring for Independent Language Learning Workshop

Part 1 - Home Page for this Workshop

Welcome to the Internet Page Authoring for Independent Language Learning workshop pages. These pages contain materials to help you prepare for the workshop.

You should copy the sections below the horizontal line to your word processor, edit them according to the instructions, then save them to a floppy disk to bring to the workshop.

Copy the sections below by highlighting them with the mouse, selecting copy from the Edit menu at the top of the page, then go to your word processor, choose paste from the Edit menu, and paste them in. If you have Microsoft Internet Explorer, use that to start the page and copy it as you will get better layout than with Netscape. If you want to get Internet Explorer, click here. Otherwise you can use Netscape; all you will loose is a bit of formatting.

The aim of the workshop is to give staff a basic knowledge of Internet page authoring with Microsoft Word, so that they can create and save their own Internet pages.

Skills covered will include creating Internet pages, hyperlinking to other pages and to bookmarks in a page, and inserting pictures.

These skills will be practised in 2 types of page, the academic home page and a page containing an exercise for students.

During the workshop there will not be time to type in every word for these two pages, so staff should prepare for the workshop by doing the following tasks. This will take between half an hour and one hour. I recommend using the Internet before 11 o’clock in the morning, as it is fastest then.

You can copy it to MS Word, fill it in, then bring it to the workshop on floppy disk.

You can find a list of Universities on-line here.


Fill in the following text of an academic home page with your details:

's Home Page

Contact Details

  Phone: 2766 ______
Fax: 2766 ______
   Room ______________
   English Language Centre
   The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
   Hung Hom
   Hong Kong


My name is _____________ and I come from ______________. I graduated from the _____________ Department (http://______________________ ) of ___________ University (http://________________ ) with a B.A./ B.Sc. in _________________.

I also have a M.A. / _______ in ________________ from the _______________ Department (http://_____________ ) of ___________________ University (http://_______________ ) .


I have taught in Hong Kong, _____________, _____________ and _____________ .

In ______________ I taught at ____________________ (http://_______________ ) for __ years. In ______________ I taught at ____________________ (http://_______________ ) for __ years. In ______________ I taught at ____________________ (http://_______________ ) for __ years.



(Fill in references here, linking to journal home pages if possible.)

Conference Attendance and Papers

(Fill in conferences here, linking to the conference or institution’s home pages if possible.)

Research Interests

I am interested in the areas of ______________, _______________ and _____________ .

Useful internet links in these areas are:

(Fill in useful links here.)


Part 2 - Exercise

Choose an exercise where you can give an explanation of one very small area of English, and then test the students’ ability to apply that knowledge with either multiple choice or select-the-word type questions.

Type up the explanation, instructions, questions, and feedback for the answers as a MS Word document, and bring it on floppy disk to the workshop.

There is an example at