Centre Overview

Orientation 2012


1. Credit-bearing Subjects offer subjects for students from all departments and schools.

2. Centre for Independent Language Learning (CILL) offers a wide range of facilities for students to improve their English, open to all PolyU students.

3. Postgraduate Subjects improve students' speaking and writing skills for communication in research-related contexts.

4. Excel@English Scheme (EES) is a platform through which students can learn about, obtain guidance, and participate in current non-formal language learning activities offered within the University.

5. Diagnostic English Language Tracking Assessment (DELTA) is an English language proficiency measurement system designed to diagnose and track strengths and weaknesses in reading, listening, grammar, vocabulary and writing.

6. Graduating Students' Language Proficiency Assessment (GSLPA) provides students with an accurate statement of their English language proficiency at the time of their graduation.

7. The Reading and Writing Requirements aim to help students develop their academic literacy through passing a Cluster Area Requirement (CAR) subject that includes reading a 100,000-word book or collection of manuscripts and completing a 2,500-word essay. This is a collaborative provision between the CAR offering departments and the English Language Centre (ELC). The ELC teachers provide developmental feedback on two essay drafts of the Writing Requirement assignment and students are awarded 10% for successful revision in response to the feedback. The final draft is then submitted to the CAR teacher for 30% of the subject grade.

Reading skills amount to 10% of the subject grade. The Reading Requirement assignment is assessed by the CAR subject teacher. ELC provides online resources for help with both the reading and writing skills.

Additionally, excellent pieces of the Writing Requirement assignment can be submitted to Inscribe, the student eJournal to be considered for publication. If accepted, the writer is offered further opportunities through mentoring to improve the draft until it is ready for publication.

8. Extra Curricular Activites

  • English Club: aims to encourage students to communicate informally in English through activities such as the Big Mouth Corner, cultural programmes, workshops and study tours.
  • English Drama Club (EDC): aims to improve students' confidence in using English through role plays and drama productions.
  • Reading Club: aims to improve students' English and to enrich their general knowledge through leisure reading and group discussion.

9. Community Outreach offers training within the university and to professionals in the wider community, for example in Hong Kong and on the Chinese mainland.

10. The ELC is a founding member of the Association of Hong Kong Language Centres.