Teaching Tools and Resources

This page contains a list of free tools and resources for language teachers to use in their classrooms:

  1. Teaching Tools - a list of tools that can be used for interactive language learning
  2. Resources - a list of media sources such as audio, video, and images that can be used for language teaching and learning


Teaching Tools

    • Vocaroo - a tool for recording and sharing audio messages
    • Flipgrid - a tool for recording and sharing video messages
    • Komododecks - easy to create video app from ppts
  • British Council Listening Skills - podcasts at different levels that help to improve language and pronunciation skills
  • elllo - over 2,500 free listening lessons which teachers and students can access for beginner, intermediate and advanced students
  • Newsela - tool that allows teachers to find articles with appropriate reading levels for their students
  • Read Works - good quality text with a wide range, can help facilitate targeted reading instruction in your class
  • Perusall - a tool that allows teachers to upload texts for collaborative reading, annotation and discussion
  • Google Docs - for writing, editing and collaborating
  • OneDrive (Office 365 Word) - similar to Google Docs, but you need to use your PolyU Connect account for students to have editing access
Brainstorming and
sharing ideas
  • Kahoot - basic multiple-choice quiz tool for synchronous or asynchronous use (Basic free version is fine)
  • Socrative - a quiz-based, formative assessment tool with multiple features (Basic free version is fine)
  • Quizizz - basic multiple-choice quiz for synchronous or asynchronous use (Only free version available)
  • Mentimeter - an easy to use poll/quiz tool with multiple features (Questions limited on free version)
  • Poll Everywhere - an audience response tool (Basic free version for audience up to 25)
  • Google Forms - a survey tool that can be adapted to a quiz
  • MS Forms - similar to Google Forms; part of Office 365; if you use a PolyU Connect account you can limit replies to students
Lesson Delivery
  • Zeetings - transform your meetings, presentations, lessons and events by empowering everyone to participate from their own device – free for educators
  • Pixton - make comics, get your students to create their own comics, and experiment with alternate ways of content delivery


Video editing
  • MS Photos comes with Windows 10 and installed on your PolyU computer - make simple edits to videos so that you can put them on ELCAS; look for Windows Movie Maker if you have an older version of Windows on your computer
  • ELC IELTS - comprehensive resource covering all parts of the test
  • IELTS - official resource for IELTS
Online Courses
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