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The Hong Kong Continuing Professional Development Symposium

30 May 2018
09:00 - 17:00

The Hong Kong Continuing Professional Development Symposium will be held on 30 May 2018 with post-symposium events on 31 May and 1 June 2018. It addresses the theme of “Higher education best practices – English teaching and learning in Hong Kong”. This major annual event, organised by the Hong Kong Continuing Professional Development Hub (HKCPD Hub), aims to provide a dynamic platform for University Language Centre English teachers to share best practices and research findings with a view to encouraging more informed and effective teaching, leading to concomitant improvements in learning.

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Deadline for submission - 19 January 2019

HKCPD - Post Symposium Events

31 May 2018
10:30 - 16:30



HKCPD Post Symposium Workshops

01 June 2018
10:30 - 16:30

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The Fourth International Conference on Linguistics and Language Studies (ICLLS 2018)

15 June 2018 - 16 June 2018
00:00 - 00:00

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Hong Kong Association for Applied Linguistics: English Language Teaching in the Changing Glocalised World: Research and Praxis

27 June 2018 - 29 June 2018
00:00 - 00:00

Welcome from HAAL (Hong Kong Association for Applied Linguistics)

HAAL is a professional, non-political organisation of applied linguists working together to promote applied linguistics in Hong Kong. We are actively seeking new members to help us promote applied linguistics and cultivate a culture of sharing and collaboration within the field in Hong Kong. 

If you are a professor of English, involved in English language teacher education, a language instructor, or an English language teacher in a primary or secondary school, you will find HAAL to be a worthwhile organisation to be a part of.  

This academic year is an exciting year for HAAL as we have partnered with Asia TEFL and MAAL (Macau Association for Applied Linguistics) to organise a conference at the University of Macau. The title of the conference is "English Language Teaching in the Changing Glocalised World: Research and Praxis". This collaboration highlights the growing interconnectedness between Asia countries and the role we can play in the field. As a HAAL member, you will receive a discount off the conference fee. Please visit http://asiatefl2018.medmeeting.org/en and see poster here

As well as the above benefit, membership of HAAL entitles you to:

• Attendance of at least seven seminars every year; 

• Participation in a biennial conference;

• Eligible to apply for grants for overseas conference presentations (for student members);

• Eligible to apply for prestigious awards, including the ‘Fawzia Braine Memorial Award for the Best Journal Article Published by a Novice Scholar’

• Affiliation with MELTA International Association; and

• Participation in an annual social event. See poster here!

The annual membership fee is HK$100. For full-time students, only $50. 

Please direct HAAL inquiries to: Mable.Chan@polyu.edu.hk (Mable Chan) or visit our website: http://www.haal.hk. To join HAAL or renew your membership, you can complete the online form at this link.  

Hong Kong Association for Applied Linguistics

2018 Asia TEFL/MAAL/HAAL Conference

27 June 2018 - 29 June 2018
00:00 - 00:00

The conference committee for the 2018 Asia TEFL/MAAL/HAAL conference invites you to submit a presentation proposal. Details of the conference are as follows:

• Dates: 27th-29th June, 2018

• Venue: University of Macau, Macau SAR, China

• Theme: English language teaching in the changing globalised world: Research and praxis

Proposals are due on January 31, 2018.

For more information about the conference and to submit a proposal please refer to the conference website: http://www.asiatefl2018.org 


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