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Advanced English for Academic Purposes

(Course Developer: Dr Freeman Chan and Dr Svetlana Chigaeva)

Subject Code: ELC5001

Contact Hours: Seminars 42 hours


This course aims to enhance students' writing and speaking skills for communication in research-related contexts.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, students are expected to be able to participate in an academic discussion and write an academic text through

  • Summarising, synthesising and critiquing academic sources
  • Planning, writing and revising research-related texts
  • Presenting and exchanging ideas and information in discussion


This syllabus is indicative.The balance of the components, and the weighting accorded to each, will be based on the specific needs of the students.

  1. Written communication
    Analysing and practising language functions common in academic texts; understanding common patterns of organisation in academic texts; taking effective notes from written and spoken sources; developing strategies for argumentation and critical reading; paraphrasing, summarising, and citing sources; synthesising and critiquing source information and arguments; maintaining coherence and cohesion in academic writing; developing revision and proofreading skills; using appropriate style and register in research-related texts.

  2. Spoken communication
    Putting forward opinions; developing and elaborating on ideas; showing agreement and disagreement; using repair strategies; using appropriate tone.

  3. Language development
    Developing grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation skills relevant to written and spoken communication in research contexts.

Teaching and Learning Approach

The course is designed to enable students to use English effectively in the academic contexts they will encounter in their research studies. A major emphasis is on improving students' confidence and competence in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation in these contexts.

The study method is primarily seminar-based and interactive learning techniques will be employed in activities such as discussions and student presentations. Learning and teaching materials developed by the English Language Centre will be used throughout this course. Teachers will recommend additional reference materials as required.


100% continuous assessment

Students will be assessed on their fluency, linguistic accuracy and language appropriateness in fulfilling the task requirements of assignments and activities related to the outcome areas.

An attendance certificate will be given to students on successful completion of the course and the assessments.


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Medium of instruction: English