Community Outreach

Services on the Mainland

ELC offers opportunities for PolyU students to practise using English outside of the classroom while serving the community. The English Club's Voluntary Language Service Programme is a featured student activity of the Centre which has been running since 2003. Every year about 40 PolyU students visit a poverty-stricken area in rural China and conduct English language activities for primary school children and teachers there. Areas served include Guangning county, Nanlong county, and Shaoguan of Guangdong province (廣東省廣寧縣), Tianquan county of Sichuan province (四川省天全縣), and Tengxian county of Guangxi province (廣西省藤縣).



Support for Secondary Schools

To support the University's mission of reaching out to local secondary schools and to promote better communication with the secondary school sector, ELC has run the following English programmes for secondary school teachers and students. These programmes include

English Language Training for S5 Students

In 2011, the ELC piloted a two-part English language training for S5 students. The Principals of 21 local secondary schools selected 100 students to attend the training, which ran for two full days over Easter and nine afternoons from late June to early July. The training received glowing reviews from students, many of whom found the sessions motivating and eye-opening as the ELC teachers led them to analyse their areas of weaknesses and acquire learning-to-learn skills. Students in this training programme paid a fee to access the Centre for Independent Language Learning (CILL) in A305. They made use of the self-access learning opportunities offered in CILL and 34 students achieved the CILL Bronze Award while 4 achieved the Silver Award. Seven ELC teachers taught on this training programme. They are very pleased with the learning attitude of the students.

Support for New Senior Secondary English Language Teachers Project

A team of ELC staff have been providing support to English language teachers from a number of secondary schools as they adapt to the new senior secondary curriculum. Teachers came to PolyU for workshops on topics such as assessment for learning, reading constructs and writing constructs; and together with the PolyU team, they set writing and reading papers that contain specific learning focuses. The marking of these papers are done completely online using the specifically designed marking platform developed by the ELC. The PolyU team then analyses students' performance in these papers and informs schools of their students' areas of strengths and weaknesses. A number of student worksheets have been designed to help teachers and students address certain areas of weaknesses.



English for the Community: Learn and Serve [Video]

This is an English programme specially designed for secondary 4 students who have a strong command of English and would like to serve the community. This programme lasts for a year. Students first attend a three-week intensive English course in PolyU, then participate in our English-conversation corner on campus regularly, and finally facilitate English classes to primary school children in a less developed area on the mainland.



English for Young Leaders [Video]

This is an intensive summer English programme designed for a group of proficient secondary four students. The cornerstone of the programme is the "Promote-Hong Kong Challenge" where programme participants have to develop a creative yet feasible proposal to promote Hong Kong to international visitors. Throughout the process of developing such proposal, students will learn some very important workplace English communication skills.



Support for Po Leung Kuk's Language Training Programme

This is a joint-venture project with Po Leung Kuk, The Foreign Correspondents' Club, and a number of international banks in Hong Kong. It aims to provide some language help for children staying at Po Leung Kuk's Home Centre.



Courses for PolyU Staff and Secondary School Teachers

Speaking in English for PolyU Staff

This course aims to enhance staff's speaking skill. Topics include pronunciation and connected speech; social English; negotiation; telephoning skills; giving and receiving instructions; language proficiency enhancement.

Writing in English for PolyU Staff

This course aims to improve staff's workplace and academic writing. Topics include appropriate tone and style; layout and format for workplace correspondence, proposals and progress reports; elements effective writing; common errors.

One-day workshops in June for PolyU Staff

Apart from these two courses, ELC also offered three one-day workshops for in June 2012. The workshops are Social English, Common Written Errors and Stop the Chinglish.

Basic English Phonetics for non-native English speaking teachers

Also, ELC offered a pronunciation workshop for secondary school teachers in April 2012. The main focuses of the workshop are introduction of IPA; consonants, vowels and diphthongs; reading phonetic transcription of terminology in EMI subjects; common mispronounced terminology; useful resources to check pronunciation.