Community Outreach

In support of the pursuit of English language excellence within the PolyU and in the wider Hong Kong community, ELC runs a wide range of community service projects.


Support for local community centres

ELC offers opportunities for PolyU students to reach out to the local community through its service-learning subject. A project known as “Connect Hong Kong”, in which PolyU students serve as literacy tutors and render English reading classes for primary school children, is organised every year. About 50 PolyU students and 120 school children from five community centres take part in this project.



Support for the elderly

To show our respect and support to the senior citizens in our community, ELC has organised a “Practical English for the Elderly” course in collaboration with the Tung Wah Group of Hospital, Community Services Division. The course focuses on vocabulary and conversation skills, and more importantly on developing their confidence and communication skills.



Support for Po Leung Kuk’s Language Training Programme

The ELC has been the academic consultant to Po Leung Kuk/ Hong Kong Rugby Union language programmes since 2004. The programmes aim to help nearly 900 students in residential care as well as from underprivileged backgrounds by raising their English language proficiency in order for them to reach tertiary level education and reduce the incidence of future inter-generational poverty.


ELC provides a range of services from management, recruitment of teachers and curriculum design to programme assessment and teacher training. Since 2013, with the goodwill of ELC staff, large-scale class observations and post-observation discussion have been made feasible to teachers on the language training programme.


Support for PolyU staff

The ELC has also run a wide range of courses for staff at PolyU. These include:

  • Speaking in English for PolyU Staff
  • Writing in English for Polyu Staff
  • From Chinglish to English Writing and Speaking

In addition to the above, we also develop custom-designed courses for individual units in the University such as Finance Office, Academic Secretariat and the Library.