Excel@English Scheme (EES)

***All sessions will be conducted online until further notice***


What is the Excel@English Scheme (EES)?

The EES helps you:

  • improve your English in specifically targeted areas
  • explore appropriate and personalised language learning paths so that you can excel in your studies and future career

The Scheme provides you with:

  • an experienced ELC English teacher to help you plan your learning and provide support throughout the Scheme
  • a star system to reward your efforts on a semester basis

How to Enrol in EES?

  • Sign up during Weeks 1-3 each semester for the mentoring sessions – these sessions take place weekly from Week 3 to Week 9

How to Successfully Complete EES

  1. Sign up during Weeks 1-3 to meet your EES mentor in mentoring sessions from Weeks 3-9.
  2. Get advice on planning learning activities and / or learning paths from Weeks 3 to 9 during the mentoring sessions
  3. Ask your EES mentor to send/email your EES participation record sheet
  4. Investigate alternatives to EES mentoring sessions
    • book an ELC Writing Assistance Programme (WAP) or Speaking Assistance Programme (SAP) session
    • book an ELC CILL Workshop
  5. Fulfil the requirements of the Excel@English Scheme before 5th December, 2020 (Semester 1) or 24th April, 2021 (Semester 2)
  6. Become an EES Star and obtain the awards at the CILL counter
  7. Consider joining the CILL Award schemes

How do I become an EES Star?

To become an EES Star, you need to meet the following requirements:

EES / CILL Award Scheme Conversion Table
EES Bronze Star
CILL Bronze Award
EES Silver Star
CILL Silver Award
EES Gold Star
CILL Gold Award
EES 300 points
(3 sessions)
500 points
(5 sessions)
700 points
(7 sessions)
CILL 15 hours of study 30 hours of study 45 hours of study
Awards of coupons (supermarket/ book / hotel) Bronze certificate + $50 coupon Silver certificate + $50 coupon Gold certificate + $100 coupon + recommendation letter
Posted on CILL notice board Name Name + photo Name + photo

EES points value

  • Each EES mentoring session is worth 100 points
  • Each WAP /SAP session is worth 50 points
  • Each ELC CILL workshop is worth 100 points

Claiming your EES Star / CILL Awards

  • Take your completed EES participation record to the CILL counter
  • To claim a CILL Award, please go to the CILL Award page for more information.

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