English Language Support for

PolyU Staff


The services are offered by the English Language Centre to all staff members in the PolyU.

Writing Assistance Service

aims to help you become a better writer by providing you with professional feedback on your writing that can hopefully develop your writing skills and confidence. Read more...

Speaking Assistance Service

aims to help you gain the confidence and skills to speak fluently in a variety of university and workplace settings. Read more...


cover specific areas including Speaking, Listening, Reading, Vocabulary Building and Learning How to Read with Children. Each workshop is 1 hour long and all materials are provided by the workshop instructor. Read more...

The Diagnostic English Language Tracking Assessment (DELTA)

is an English language proficiency measurement system designed specifically for the Hong Kong context. Read more...

Make Bookings

English Support Schedule
  1. Register an account on the ELC Booking System (PolyU staff only).
  2. Select a session from the system and you will receive confirmation by email.
  3. Be punctual. You will be counted as absent if you are over 10 minutes late for a session.
  4. You will not be able to make any bookings for the semester if you have been absent twice.
  5. Cancel bookings at least three days in advance if you cannot attend a session.

Writing Assistance Service

What is it?

You meet a teacher individually and get advice on strategies for improving your writing, such as how to:

  • explain grammar points;
  • find appropriate ways to express your ideas;
  • generate and develop ideas;
  • learn email writing skills;
  • organise your content in logical paragraphs;
  • understand the expectations of your target reader.

We also have:

  • free, take-away learning resources on how to plan, organise and write better;
  • guidelines on what employers in Hong Kong want to see and not see in job application documents.

What you should do now?

You should make a Writing Assistance Service booking well in advance and bring with you:

  1. workplace or personal writing, e.g. an email or a newsletter that you are writing for your department or a club you are a member of;
  2. OR
  3. if you haven't actually started writing yet, the writing task so that you can discuss ways to get started with the teacher.

Important points:

  • You should use English during the session.
  • We are not a proofreading service and we do not correct errors for you, but we will help you identify possible errors and areas of improvement.

Speaking Assistance Service

What is it?

You meet a teacher individually or in a small group and get advice on how to improve your speaking. Topics that you can choose include:

  • debate of a current affairs topic;
  • IELTS or other exam practice;
  • pronunciation and fluency;
  • social English;
  • stress and connected speech
  • plus many more

We also have:

  • a range of materials, games, videos and worksheets for you to use.
  • extra resources to help you improve your speaking independently

What you should do now?

You should make a Speaking Assistance Service booking well in advance, and come prepared with:

  1. a clear idea about what you would like to do in the session so that the teacher can provide the materials
  2. OR

  3. you own materials that you would like to use in the session

Important points:

  • You should use English during the session.
  • You make the decision on what aspect of speaking you would like to focus on each session. The teacher's role is that of guide and feedback provider.


What are they?

You join a class of learners in a 1 hour workshop led by a teacher. All materials are provided. Workshop topics include:

Effective Speaking Strategies

  • Learn how you can enhance your speaking ability

Effective Listening Strategies

  • Learn how you can improve your workplace listening skills

Effective Reading Strategies

  • Learn how you can read workplace documents more effectively

Effective Vocabulary Building Strategies

  • Learn how you can expand your vocabulary

Effective Parent-child Shared-book Reading to Enhance Children’s Vocabulary Acquisition

  • Learn effective ways to engage your children in reading English storybooks and build their vocabulary

What you should do now?

You should make a Workshop booking well in advance. Spaces are limited!


  • The workshops are conducted in English.
  • Be an active learner! Our workshops are designed to be interactive, and you will get the most out of them asking more questions and doing all the activities during the workshop!

English courses offered by the ELC through HRO

The ELC also runs a series of workshops for PolyU staff throughout the year bookable through the HRO. For more details of upcoming courses please look at the Training Calendar.

Contact Us

For general enquiries, please go to our CILL counter (A305), call 2766 7526, or send us e-mail at eccill@polyu.edu.hk

For enquires about the Diagnostic English Language Tracking Assessment (DELTA), please contact our Language Testing Unit (Z213), call 3400 3318, or send us email at ecltu@polyu.edu.hk