The Centre provides English language assessments of the highest quality to complement the teaching and learning of English at undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the University.

The Centre also provides English language assessment services to the Hong Kong community, including the secondary and tertiary education sectors, and commercial and non-commercial employers.

The Graduating Students Language Proficiency Assessment (GSLPA) is an assessment of written and spoken English for workplace communication. Candidates are normally students in their final year of tertiary education, though the Assessment can be taken by alumni. The GSLPA provides potential employers with a clear statement about candidates' current abilities in English. It is geared towards the professional communication that new graduates will engage in during their careers.

The Diagnostic English Language Tracking Assessment (DELTA) is an English language proficiency measurement system designed specifically for the Hong Kong academic context. Through the DELTA, students can diagnose their strengths and weaknesses in reading, listening, grammar and vocabulary; track their English language gains; and plan their English language learning. The DELTA has been developed and is administered by the Centre in collaboration with Lingnan University and City University.

The Research Language Skills Assessment (RLSA) is designed to measure how well research students can write and speak in academic and research-related contexts. The assessment has two components: a written language test and a spoken language test.

The Centre provides other assessment services on a consultancy basis to meet the demands of clients from the educational and employment sectors.

The Centre has an active research and development profile in language assessment which provides the platform for the production and administration of its assessments.

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